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Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide4
Morgan Power New Taipei City
When it comes to home office, getting the right hardware is the first thing you need to prepare. A good setup can always result in better productivity.Let’s talk about video conferencing, first you will definitely need an easy-to-use microphone and webcam. Or you might also consider getting a headset with a microphone at an affordable price of course. Just Plug in your PC and participate in webinars, meetings or just listen to any digital content.  Second, always remember to back up your data! Storage devices are essential even if you have online cloud storage. You might want to switch work environment occasionally. A portable SSD and USB drives allow you to carry around. Another option is NAS, network attached storage. Access, upload and share your data from anywhere with an internet connection.   http://www.morganpower.com.tw/hot_384076.html What Do You Need For Work From Home? 2022-04-08 2023-04-08
Morgan Power New Taipei City http://www.morganpower.com.tw/hot_384076.html
Morgan Power New Taipei City http://www.morganpower.com.tw/hot_384076.html
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It’s a holiday season for gifts. We’ve picked up some of our best sellers for everyone and maybe something special for yourself, too.
With all those products to choose from, you are sure to find your perfect fit. It’s never too late to send your love.

1. For the creative- SanDisk Portable SSD-Extreme and Extreme Pro 

This is a very light and elegant portable SSD featuring 1050MB/s2 read and 1000MB/s2 write speeds. It can easily fits your creative lifestyle. Footage and date can be efficiently transferred to this tiny portable SSD.

2. For gamer- SanDisk Micro SD Card for Nintendo Switch
When you see a happy mushroom and yellow star, you will know what to do with those cute micro SD cards. One of the best Nintendo accessories you must have. Officially licensed for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems.

3. For professionals- Samsung Evo Plus micro SD card
This micro SD card is one of the high demand memory product in retail market. Samsung Memory Cards EVO Plus offers read 100MBS write 90MBS, large capacity, perfect for Full HD video and 4-proof for mobile devices.

4. For travelers- Kingston Technology DataTraveler 100 Gen 3 USB flash drive
With DT100G3, storing and transferring of documents, music, video and more is easier than ever. Despite having countless good and bad online reviews from various users; Kingston USB drives still prove its popularity.

5. For smart workers/students- SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive
One of the top sellers in Amazon USB list.
The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive combines faster data speeds and a wide range of capacity in a nice stylish piece.

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